Champagne Breakfast in Marbella

Dreams can come true! and a Champagne Breakfast in Marbella is a great activity your Hen Holidays in Marbella or Puerto Banus, a dreamy way to start the day is with a Champagne Breakfast serviced by our handsome Cheeky Butlers.

Whether you are staying in an apartment, townhouse, villa, hotel or apart hotel, our butler service will deliver a fresh and healthy breakfast, you don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy the morning with a beautiful gentleman. Providing the funniest and most exotic of touches to your Hen weekend in Marbella.

Our Champagne Breakfast includes:

Cheeky Butler(s) for 1.5 hours

Bubbly (4 glasses per person)

Mediterranean breakfast – a selection of toast and preserves, cheeses and ham, butter, selection of pastries, fruit, yoghurt, granola and orange juice.

Alternatively you can arrange your own breakfast and simply book one or more of our Cheeky Butlers to come and serve it to you and your guests.  Sprinkle a little cheeky flavour on your morning!

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A little bit of history about Champagne Breakfast in Marbella.

A Champagne Breakfast in Marbella is a free adaptation for Hen Parties, of the Brunch, the word that comes from “Breakfast” & “Lunch”.

In Marbella and other traditional Hen Destinations, after the big night out, they are so tired and need a breakfast after midday. So is glamorous way to enjoy and continue partying with the ladies and the bride to be.

The first time we have notice from Brunch is in 1895, in the Hunter´s Weekly article, where the author Guy Beringer suggested and alternative to the heavy Sunday meals changint it for a ligther fare served after midday.

The Champagne Breakfast in Marbella can be as Beringer said ” Cheerfull, sociable and inciting………… It puts you in good temper, it makes ou satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.”

After the years, the traditions comes from the USA and in the 1930s decade, due Hollywood stars did transcontinental trips they use to stop in Chicago, and this meal was provided by hotes instead of restaurats that where closes on Sundays, this was a social event and this venues offered decadent sperads of food and yummy morning cocktails as Bloody Marys, Bellinis and Mimosas.

Without no doubt a Champagne Breakfast in Marbella will be a decadent, indulgent and therapy for a Glorious Sunday Morning after your big night out in Marbella.

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